Of iPods and Nitrogen

“Bad luck, when things go wrong and you feel just like you’re cursed.” (1)

So basically yesterday I took my iPod to school. My nice, pristine video iPod. “And somehow, somewhere along the way,” (2) I must have banged it somehow, because there was a “hole” in the LCD display, which showed wild yellow-ish colors on the outside and just black on the inside. But it was still usable. I figured, as long as I can pick songs it’s fine…it’s not a Shuffle just yet.

Today I took it to school again, didn’t use it much at all, and got home late after rehearsal. It looked like this, with the screen all messed up, the backlight barely lighting, and the color almost worse than scrambled. It’s testing my earlier conviction, but I can still play music. At the moment it’s not quite worth the $120 or so to get it serviced/replaced. But if this is what happened in one day…

The coolest thing that happened today was in Physics. We had planned to make ice cream through an exotic method, which turned out to be liquid nitrogen. But what was cooler than the ice cream (which didn’t quite get cold enough), cooler than the flower Mr. Goes shattered, were the graham crackers. Mr. Goes put graham crackers in a bowl, poured in some liquid nitrogen, waited, then dumped the crackers out. Then he actually ate one, with steam pouring out of his mouth. Quite cool, and a lot of us (including me) got to try. It’s fine as long as you don’t let it touch your tongue.

Unfortunately that was the best thing to happen today because I got sick-ish starting sixth period. Hopefully the weekend will be better; I overdid it this week.

Bonus points to the first people who can identify quotes (1) and (2)…without searching online.

UPDATE: my iPod is a bit better now; it appears to have healed itself overnight (at least back to where it started). It looks more like this now. Hopefully that means my sickness will go away by tomorrow.