Re: On Blogs

Remember way back in the beginning (like a month ago) when this blog started? I said at the time that a blog filled with daily events was relatively boring, that no one would want to read it. And recently, I’ve found myself writing them. Very few people actually care about all that stuff that happened in Berkeley besides the people who were actually there…and maybe a few other S&D people as well.

“A blog is not a diary,” said I (that’s a fun abuse of the English grammar). Did you know the word “diary” comes from Latin “dies” or “day”? Probably, especially if you’ve taken Spanish or Italian or something. But. Did you know that “journal” is the same? Think of the word “diurnal”…now say it fast. Faster. Yeah! Anyway, “journal” comes through French instead of directly from Latin, but it’s still the same. And so is “adjourn” for that matter…like (according to the dictionary on OS X) “to an (appointed) day.”

Yeah. Anyway, I’ve decided that I can put daily events up if I want to…even if I’m the only one who reads them through. What I should do, however, is separate them by my nice topic system, even if they both show up in the newsfeed/main page. Eh. Maybe later.

It’s all about memories. I don’t like change. Not that I think it’s bad (stagnation is worse than change), but it’s just something you don’t really have control over. I like my life…why does it have to end? So I take all these photos, and write all this junk, because I want to retain something of my life, of the significant events at least.

I’ll still write thinking posts like this one. And the Berkeley post was partially so I could get the pictures up (though I wonder what that’s doing to my bandwidth…maybe later I’ll use Flickr or something) for the other people in my group. But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised myself if I find myself writing the daily event posts that I find relatively uninteresting on other people’s blogs. Heh.

But if I ever start doing the “dialogue” thing, where I’m directly responding to a single other person (and I’m writing with second-person “you” instead of “y’all”, “tu” instead of “vosotros”, and…well Japanese doesn’t even use pronouns), where it looks like I’m basically carrying on a conversation…someone stop me. That’s not really a blog anymore.

And yeah, I do know people like that, and although I don’t really like that use of a blog, I’ll admit it’s their blog to do what they want with.

Oh, and music people should watch Pachelbel Rant and The Four Chords Song. For everyone else (ok, for music people too), there’s cool optical illusions.