IDC Talent Show

March 23, 2007: Ancora sings at the IDC Talent Show.

It was quite awesome. We came out wearing hats and jackets and started with “Star Spangled Banner,” during which Kevin went into the audience and got one of the judges to come up and sit in a chair onstage. “And the rocket’s red glare….” Then we all toss our hats backstage and go into “Happy Together.” With really cheesy boy-band-type choreography, but it was fun. Soloist: Ken.

I gave a little talk and we moved into our serious song, “Not Enough” from Divisi, a University of Oregon a cappella group we got to see last last December. This is a really impressive, made-for-a-cappella, emotional song with some awesome chords, and the tech people were cool enough to change the lighting for us to fit the mood. Soloist: Kevin, and he was awesome…although he interchanged one line for another and consequently ruined his own chance to show off his most impressive part of the song (he goes would have gone up to an A, but maybe it’s a good thing because he can “only hit it once every half hour”).

We all messed up some, but that’s OK, we still sounded great. Even if we didn’t win anything I still say we did well. Apparently even on Mimi’s little camera you could hear the chords. (Mimi is Kevin’s girlfriend from Lynbrook.)

Addenda: Thanks for the flowers, Mimi…she got us all little bunches of flowers for good luck (and a lot for Kevin, of course). Thanks for coming with us the whole time, Li. Alex, you’re forgiven for being late, now that it’s all over and worked out. Thanks parents and Ryan and Abigail and everyone else who came to see us and even those who came to see other people and liked us anyway. We got to see some other great acts, too, from backstage, including…

ARD Crew (FHS), three beatboxers who were really good (they tied for third place). Projekt Bhangra (CHS), Indian dancers (some of whom I wouldn’t have ever thought of in this light). Batman Parade vs. Frank (CHS) and Craig Meets Edsel (MVHS) as great rock bands. OK Go (CHS) who just had fun with their dance (I remember them doing it in Lit last year). David Choi (LHS), who played three harmonicas at once (WTH?). Deanna Bakker, who’s my friend’s sister and who I haven’t seen in years, and her friend Melly Beals (LHS), singing, of all songs, “Lean on Me.” Jaime Lindow (HHS), who made it to second place and had an amazing voice (we thought she would get first, but didn’t get to meet her really). Heck, nearly everyone was good. Unfortunately, I didn’t even get to see/hear the winning act; we were in the middle of fetching water for the IDC people. :-/

Ancora got to come out again in the end (like last year) while the judges were deliberating, and sung “A Change in My Life” with ARD Crew. Too bad we didn’t have more time to practice with them…I don’t think they were beatboxing at their full potential.

And in between, of course, there was a lot of improvising, singing through our entire repertoire and more, bad harmony, good harmony, beatboxing, screaming (the infamous G-A-E chord progression…you had to be there), and generally having fun. After the show ended, we crammed eight people into Kevin’s car and drove to Chipotle, where we sang for the people behind the counter, met Projekt Bhangra, and demolished several burritos. In my case the burrito actually ended up quite demolished, splitting open before I was even a third done and spilling all over the foil (and some on the ground). I fail at burritos. We left at 10:30 when the place closed, and Kevin drove us home.

“But Kevin, we can fight it! Guys like us need to remember that no matter how important something seems, it must always take second place to do-mi-so back to back.” I needed a night like this, just pure singing and fun. Kevin, Ken, Alex, Daniel, Li, and Mimi…thanks, everyone.

And don’t forget, Guys and Dolls starts next Thursday! I put in five hours of rehearsal time today (during which I hit a low A and sang Happy Birthday to Jessica with everyone else), so you better come to see us! With six nights to choose from, it shouldn’t be much of a problem. Meanwhile (for us), let Hell Week begin…