Coming Up Next...

Hey, everyone. Feeling bored this Friday? Come to the IDC Talent Show at Monta Vista HS, starting at 7:00! Tickets are $5 with ASB and $7 without, and Ancora will be there, performing some of our best songs yet! Come and cheer us and the other Tino groups on! (Or, you know, cheer us and other schools on.)

Then, a week later, come to Guys and Dolls, a great musical put on by the CHS Drama Department, including such actors as Kevin M., Jessica B., Sinan Z., Ashley O., Kevin V., Ken K., and of course, me. We’ve got singing, dancing, love, gambling, and a fight scene. What more do you need? Tickets are $10 with ASB, $12 without, but you can come any night from 3/29 to 3/31, and from 4/5 to 4/7 at 7:30. So you’ve got no excuse to miss it!

Finally, a hint of the later spring concert by the four CHS choirs. We’re singing pop songs and Broadway medleys (with choreography), so come and listen to us in about a month. This is one of our most fun shows of the year.

And now you know why I’m always so busy/tired.