What's on my iPod?

Random facts about what’s on my iPod

  • I have songs named ‘39, “40”, and #41.
  • I have songs created by me (video game remix), a classmate (“And If” by Alex), Ancora (“Bop ‘Til You Drop” and “Heaven’s Heart”) and a teacher (“(Waves) Collide” by Ms. Chew).
  • I have four versions of the song “Africa”.
  • I have both the Japanese and the English versions of “The Lion King”.
  • I have four songs that start with “Christmas” despite not being Christian, and another seven with “Christmas” somewhere else in the title.
  • I also have four songs that start with “Creepy” and twelve that start with “Anakin”.
  • I have two songs labeled “Jig” and a number, because I don’t know what they’re really called.
  • I have 128 songs that start with “The”. That’s more than 7% of my library.
  • I have a song called “With You” (Linkin Park), a song called “Without You” (RENT), and two versions of “With or Without You” (U2, Berkeley Men’s Octet).
  • I have 41 songs with Japanese titles (there are more Japanese songs that have English titles).
  • The only Chinese Taiwanese music I have is by Tension (the group that did Our Story / Wo Men De Gu Shi). I should remedy that. I also have no Korean, Vietnamese, French, and many other groups, but Chinese seems most likely. I do have a few songs from a group from South Africa (Ladysmith Black Mambazo)
  • Most of my songs are from movie soundtracks, video game soundtracks, my friends, my parents, or choir. Maybe…half?…of it is fully legal (as in not stretching fair use).
  • I have 1678 songs/videos on my iPod, which could theoretically play for over three and a half days if the battery didn’t run out first.
  • The screen is still broken and I can still navigate pretty well.

What’s interesting in your music collection?