“Preparing to empty Trash….1767 files”

Wow, I didn’t know I had that many files.

“The operation cannot be completed because the item “Camouflage” is in use.”

All right…hey, wait a minute. Why is that a problem? Camouflage is an application…I didn’t delete that…

*Opens Trash*


So I basically deleted my entire (personal) Applications folder. I’ve been meaning to clean it out, but this is ridiculous. I frantically tried to find a trial undeleter…no luck. (Sometimes having a Mac does make things harder, but in this case it’s probably because I gave up after like five minutes.) So I then started looking for the applications I use, to redownload them…fortunately, any program that uses OS X preferences leaves a mark that I can find again. But it’s quite a hassle, especially the 80GB of GIMP that I trashed in two seconds.

Time Machine’s looking pretty good right now…