Japanese Interlude

Shane: OK, Jordy, witness the power and ease of PCs.

Me: It didn’t work on Sensei’s computer either…

Shane: Shut up! Just watch. (presses DVD media button)

At least seven dialogue boxes come up, mostly from starting the computer.

Me laughing: I think I’ll go back to my seat for now.


Shane: OK, watch!. (presses button again)

Another dialogue box

Shane: D***it! (we both laugh) One more time.

Computer: Welcome to the Windows Media Player setup Wizard. This should take 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

In the end, the DVD was bad, not working on Sensei’s crummy Toshiba, her old iBook, or Shane’s newer laptop. But the two of us had a good laugh at the “power and ease of PCs.”

This is not quoted word-for-word, because it happened yesterday and my memory isn’t that good. But you get the idea.