Spring Concert

What can I say? The concert was awesome. Despite all the things that were going wrong before (and during!), we did it, we were amazing. Thanks to everyone who came to the concert, and for all of you who didn’t come, you really missed out. Especially on Cappella (hey, I can be a little arrogant, right?).

So this was our last real concert. Oh, sure, we’ve still got little performances, not to mention a tiny little trip to NEW YORK CITY in four days (I feel bad for the people who can’t come), but it was sad anyway. “Seasons of Love”…yeah, it’s a good-bye song. Has been since we did it last year, but this time we’re the ones leaving. Several people were crying…though I personally think that being at school on Monday is going to balance it out a bit. I mean, after all those goodbyes, we’re still together for…oh, man, it’s less than a month now. *sniff*

As usual we went to Verde afterwards, both days. The second day was better, with more randomness and actual singing. I have to say, it’s starting to grow on me.

Congratulations to all soloists for pulling through despite various troubles before the show. Congratulations to everyone for mastering timing troubles and false-start CDs. WE DID IT.

It’s so hard to let things go…