JavaScript Tetris

I’m ashamed to present the under-ten-hours project for the Flash-deprived: JavaScript Tetris!

This began with a conversation on my floor (not word-for-word, it was like a week ago):

L: Aw, I’m being so unproductive!

Me: Hmm…maybe we should turn off your Flash. *grin*

L: Ah, no, don’t do that!

Me: All right, I’ll leave you one game. In, like, JavaScript or something.

L: Heh, is that like some kind of ghetto language or something?

A few days later I was up really really late (too late to do useful work), and I whimsically decided to start. I chose Tetris because (A) it’s not really that complicated, (B) it’s easily recognizable, and (C) it’s based on squares, which are easy in HTML. The next day I finished it, sitting in the CSUA office, instead of grading CS61A homeworks.

The reason I say “ashamed” is because I really have better stuff to be doing — several e-mails to read and reply to, homework/studying (three midterms next week!), etc. etc. etc. Sorry…this is my hacker instincts coming out.

BUT, now I can say I wrote a Tetris. Is that one of those activities every hacker should try?