PIO Walkthrough

Happy new year! Construction on PIO’s new school building is almost complete, and so the kids are taking time out of their lessons to clean and re-paint their desks, one grade at a time, and help move things from the old school to the new. That means a fair amount of extra hustle and bustle, but it also means it’s almost too late to show you the building where I worked for three months. So…here’s another walkthrough video!

Keep in mind that a lot of stuff is already gone, or in the process of being moved (those are Grade 5’s desks outside in the dirt lot next door). I had a table and a whiteboard when I taught Grade 7+, the library normally has another five or six shelves with easy books out on display, and of course Grades 3 and 4 do have desks for the students.

There’s also only three grades in this building; Kindergarten and Grades 1, 2, and 5 are up on a hill on the dump property itself, in covered but open structures that we’re really supposed to get out of by the end of the year. (…Oops.) We call the two sites (only a five-minute walk apart) the “up-school” and the “down-school”…presumably because “low/high school” has a conflict.

The new school building has enough classrooms to fit all seven primary school classes, plus a library and what I think is supposed to be an assembly room; when the move is finished the plan is to turn the old school into the office, and stop renting the current office building.

You can find out more about PIO on their website, and get better images on their Facebook page.