Takeo and Kompong Cham

It’s a busy weekend, so I’m going to punt on wise thoughts for another handful of pictures. Apart from my large trips to Mondulkiri and Siem Reap, I’ve also been on a couple of day trips with my host family. Last time included some pictures from a trip to Wat Prasat (“Temple Pagoda”) and Udong Mountain, a long-ago capital of Cambodia (even before Angkor). This week I’m going to post a few from my two trips with Piseth to Mr. Savuth’s homeland in Takeo Province, plus my one trip with Kuoch to her homeland in Kompong Cham Province. As usual, they’re on Facebook.

If you’ve forgetten who these people are, Mr. Savuth is my host father, Piseth is my host brother (works for the UN), and Srey Kuoch is my host sister (Piseth’s cousin, who’s staying in Phnom Penh while she studies at university). A couple of the other volunteers also show up in this set; the full and final1 count of volunteer housemates is now 10: Nina, Jaclyn, Jennifer, Cathy, Art, Joe, Kim, Nakita, Marianne, and Louise. Plus a past volunteer, Josie (now part of a donor organization).

Next week…well, who knows?

  1. This is the final count because our house is full, and I’m now the next volunteer to leave! :-( ↩︎