More Riddle Poems

Tired tonight, so rather than a big production for NaCreSoMo I’ll leave you with some riddle poems.

One a tremble in its name.
One is only one of four.
One is waiting on line three,
All are counted in the score.

You never hear us, but we’re there
So take a breath and do take care.

I’ll hang around your shoulders
Put your arms in mine
Keep you warm in winter
Share your summertime.

I’m flexible and cuddly
I’m sensitive and soft
I’ll carry phone and wallet
…if you don’t put me off.

And if you don’t like me,
I’ll wait in your closet until you want to see me again.

Know it, seek it, get it, lose it
Find it, give, collect it, use it
Sell it, buy, encrypt, erase it
Process, share, protect it, face it.

If you think you know an answer, message/e-mail me directly so you don’t spoil it for anyone else!