NaCreSoMo "CubeQuest" & Pompeii/Daughter

As the penultimate day of this year’s NaCreSoMo, I’ve made a short scavenger hunt / quiz challenge in the spirit of Dropquest. To answer the questions, you’ll have to go look at posts by other NaCreSoMo participants!

For the best experience, use a recent version of Safari or Google Chrome.

Apart from giving shouts-out to other NaCreSoMo participants, this was also an excuse to play with the CSS animations and 3D effects available in recent browsers. Credit for the basic cube structure to David Walsh.

That was supposed to be it, but while doing laundry I got a brilliant idea for a mashup. I’ve been listening to Peter Hollens and Kina Grannis’s a cappella cover of Bastille’s “Pompeii” over and over again in the last few days (along with Hollens’ cover of “Jai Ho” with Alaa Wardi), and suddenly realized…

…that it could work with Vienna Teng’s “Daughter”. Well, by totally genre-twisting the latter, but since when has that stopped me?

Tomorrow I’ll post the conclusion of the CS mini-tutorial, which will include interactive bits you can play with even if you haven’t been following all the code. See you then!