NaCreSoMo Wrap-Up

NaCreSoMo 2015 is over, and…

Well, mostly it’s not that different, except I have a bit more free time now. And it wasn’t a frenzy of production like it has been in the past; instead it was mostly just a normal month, except I made sure to post something every day.

(Or at least nearly every day. Allowing things to slip or get coalesced into later days made it a lot less stressful.)

The first year my goal was to try creating things in many different media. Last year, I jammed my way through a tutorial on the parts of a compiler. This year? I had some things I wanted to work on, and actually did a bit of pretty much all of them! That music video will get finished yet!

Some of my favorites from this month:

And then there are the sketches, that form of art I’m still exploring. I’m still carrying around the sketchbook whenever I take public transit somewhere, and generally try to do a sketch or two. Much like fellow NaCreSoMo participant Albert I’m wondering what I’m going to do with this—I’m already losing interest a little—but I figure I don’t need to force anything. It’s still fun to have any skill at all in this area.

There are a good number of post ideas I didn’t get to, and the music video’s not done yet. But I think NaCreSoMo was a success.

But wait, there’s more!

A few years ago, I wrote a story for NaNoWriMo called Clone. Being a story-in-a-month based on a bit of a silly premise, it’s not great…but I re-read it recently, and I’m still very happy with it, in that it has a lot of good ideas. I’m not going to try to salvage it or anything—the problems are mostly intrinsic—but at the time I made this offer:

The story is about a boy named Marduuk, who’s an only child with loving parents, a name drawn from Babylonian mythology, and a fairly privileged life. But he’s also a clone, and that affects how other people interact with him.

(obviously this is going to be an allegory for all sorts of discrimination)

If you want to read the story, e-mail me! But there’s a catch: attached to the e-mail has to be one thing you’re working on these days. Could be a poem, or a short story, or a drawing or painting, or even an essay or article. Or even a song. Whatever! Do that, and I’ll e-mail back a PDF, ePub, or Kindle-format copy of the story—your choice.

This offer still stands! And what’s more, if you participated in NaCreSoMo this year, you’ve already satisfied the terms of the deal. I’d love to hear what you think of the story (including tearing it to pieces), so if you’re interested, let me know.

Also, very appropriately, the weekend after NaCreSoMo had one more 24 Hour Theater show, just like the weekend just before. Once again, I was in a serious piece, this time one called “The Faces of Mental Illness” based on true stories. I hope we did it justice.

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See you next year!