"You Be…"

A memory from, oh, let’s say fifth grade: my friend and I wanted to play a game, some kind of mock fight. I’m unsure whether it was supposed to actually have rules or whether it was just setup for a usual kids’ (“boys’”?) play-wrestling. But when we were getting ready to play, my friend asked my a strange question: “Are you a Pikachu, or a Ry-a-chu?” I didn’t have an answer ready, and so he decided, “You be Pikachu, I be Ryachu.” Then he reconsidered: “No, I be Pikachu, you be Ryachu.”

The thing was, I had never encountered Pokémon at that point, or barely, at least. I had no idea what it meant to be Pikachu or “Ryachu”. (He was probably saying “Raichu” correctly and I just misheard him, but that’s how I remember it.) I just figured my friend should be “Ryachu” because his name was Ryan.

There’s no point to this story. I just thought some of you might find it amusing. I don’t know why I remember it.