Movie Review: The Good Dinosaur

The Good Dinosaur was a kids’ movie.

I mean, all Pixar movies are kids’ movies, but The Good Dinosaur was just a kids’ movie. There’s nothing really original or mindblowing in it; it draws elements from many other kids’ movies from The Lion King to Homeward Bound. I’d suggest just watching The Land Before Time again.

When I reviewed Big Hero 6 I included this:

[U]nless you’ve all the way grown up and don’t like watching kids’ movies anymore, you will probably enjoy Big Hero 6.

I think Big Hero 6 was my favorite movie of 2015, and I actually liked this year’s Inside Out a fair bit. And those were definitely kids’ movies, and the latter was also by Pixar. So just saying “kids’ movie” isn’t the problem with The Good Dinosaur, but the fact that I can’t say anything else is probably more indicative.

(The Land Before Time is also a kids’ movie, and perhaps also just a kids’ movie, but as far as kids’ dinosaur journey movies go I think it was a better one. It’s part of my childhood, though, so I’m biased.)

I was definitely impressed by the environments, though, especially the water. Pretty amazing what we can do with computers these days. And okay, I’ll admit that the rancher tyrannosaurs were pretty entertaining.

Oh, and I liked the short: “Sanjay’s Super Team”. Entertaining and helping in representation.