"Final Battle"

WARNING: Character spoilers for Undertale.

No one was asking for it but I did it anyway! And had a lot of fun with it, even if I’m not the best artist and deliberately left things sketchy. (Enjoyment of this picture may be limited to the intersection of people who’ve played Undertale and read El Goonish Shive.)

(Original: http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=1964)

Frisk was the real inspiration for doing the whole page here: after doing the skeletons as a one-off, the idea of Frisk doing the “…” was too good to pass up. And I’m actually really happy with how Mettaton came out. Mettaton EX is fun to draw.

The skelebros are the original inspiration for the picture, along with Mary Cagle calling them “skelebros”.

Undyne vs. Toriel was actually the hardest one to figure out, at least for how to fit in the existing narration. I’m pretty happy with how Undyne came out as well, though. Toriel came out looking a bit young.

Alphys is hard to draw. This was my second attempt and I decided not to make a third. But the idea of applying “Some Guy” to Asgore was also too good to pass up.

Tsunderplane is my favorite random encounter monster from this game. But don’t let it know that.