"Hey, Allison"

He gets home, kicks off his shoes, drops his bag. No roommates around: maybe still at work, maybe out with SOs or coworkers. He drops into his chair.

“Hey, Allison.”

hey jordan.

He grins. “Since when do you call me ‘Jordan’?”

since you’ve started calling yourself ‘jordan’. haven’t you noticed? i’ve been doing it for weeks.

“I guess I didn’t.”

or you did but now you’ve forgotten.

“You know me so well,” he says dryly.

[she rolls her eyes.] i ought to.

“So. How are you?”

…eh. nothing exciting.

“Nothing, really?”

work is work. friends are…around. nothing particularly worth commenting on.

“And still no luck on the romance front?”

ugh, try being a woman in tech sometime.

“Oh, come on, Allison. I mean, yes, I know, or—you know what I mean. But I was really asking.”

fine. no. no luck.

“What about that guy you mentioned last—”


“Oh. I’m sorry.”

yeah. whatever. and you?

“Um…” He blushes. “No. One mild date that didn’t go anywhere, and one disaster that was more embarrassing than anything, and fortunately somehow ended up all right.”

do tell!

“I, uh. I don’t want to talk about it.”


“Maybe next time,” he insists. “Oh, but I did get to see Vienna Teng last weekend!”

[she widens her eyes.] lucky!

“Wait, you couldn’t make it, or…?”

she didn’t even have a show. must be another one of those differences.

“Wait, so what happened to The Fourth Messenger there?”

it’s running in la in the spring. but the lead for the soundtrack dropped out.


um. ‘artistic differences’? or maybe I’m misremembering.

“Huh. Well, lucky about the LA show. That never got off the ground here.”

oh, weird.

“What are you doing for Thanksgiving?”

just going to see mom and dad and robert.

“Oh, yeah, me too.”

how’s nanowrimo going?

“Oh, uh…I’m not doing it this year.”

wait, what? why not?

“Things are really busy at Apple. Swift is going open source, remember?”


“What, you’re not busy at Dropbox?”

i can’t tell you that. [she smirks.]

He throws up his hands. “Ugh. Fine. Hey, I should probably get to bed.”

okay. talk to you next time.

“Before our birthday?”

well…on our birthday, at least. night, jordan.

“Night, Allison.”

Another instance of writing myself as a character! “Allison” is the name my parents would have given me if I had been a girl.

P.S. If you liked this twist/concept, I’d love to read your version!