"Memoirs of a Student" (part 3)


Shinohara Wakaba: So, you’ve been running this place for, what is it, five years now?

Kiryuu Nanami: That’s right.

SW: It’s great that you’ve found such success here.

KN: Yeah, it hasn’t always been easy! Turns out the restaurant biz is pretty tight. Making it as the new kid…you gotta fight to keep from getting wiped off the map.

SW: That’s what Arisugawa-san was telling me… Were there ever any times you were worried that you weren’t going to make it?

KN: Honestly? I always had a feeling about this place. Not that we were invincible or anything, but that success was certain in the long run. …And it helped that one of our founding chefs came from a rich family.

SW: Ah, yes. Chef Saionji? I saw a special on him just the other day.

KN: Yep, his tamago-yaki is to die for.

SW: He went to school with us, didn’t he?

KN: You have a good memory. Yes, he was a friend of my brother’s. They grew up together, actually. So I guess I’ve known him a long time.

SW: Ah, if you don’t mind me asking…how is your brother doing?

KN: …Thank you. He’s…all right. Some days he’s better, some days he’s…back in whatever place he’s been since school.

SW: I’m…sorry to hear that, Kiryuu-san.

KN: Thank you. I think that’s another reason I was so sure I’d be able to make it with this place. I had to take care of him.

SW: That’s very strong of you.

KN: …To be honest, it wasn’t just him. All of us were affected by what happened there.

SW: “All of us”?

KN: Ah…well, I can’t speak for you, Shinohara-san. But I know all of us connected to the duels were…affected, and that’s why I wanted to reach out to the others. Not just Saionji-san. My brother was just the one hit the worst.

SW: Can you talk more about the “duels”?


SW: Ah, it’s okay if you don’t want to! The truth is, I’ve been working on a report about…that school. My experiences there, as a girl, and the experiences of others who were also there at that time.


SW: Kiryuu-san, I’m very sorry if I’ve offended you—

KN: No, I understand. I’d just…rather not think about those times.

SW: …of course. Please excuse me.

KN: …I think I was least affected, out of the five of us. But we share something now.

SW: Ah, so that’s why you named this place Seitokai.

KN: Well, it would have been a good name regardless. “A place for students to meet.” But yes, that’s the real reason. It was Miki’s idea, actually—Kaoru-san—but we all liked it.

SW: It’s a great name. Well, I won’t keep you any longer…

KN: Thank you, Shinohara-san. You’re always welcome to come any time.

SW: Thank you, Kiryuu-san. And if you change your mind about—

KN: Yes, I’ll let you know.

SW: That’s all I ask.

from “Memoirs of a Student”, by Shinohara Wakaba

Further fanfiction for forgotten films fshows! “Memoirs of a Student” takes a different turn to see what the other characters are up to. I think I did a slightly better job at making this interesting even to those who haven’t seen the anime; you may not get the references / in-jokes, but maybe it’s still intriguing?

(There is, of course, a reason Wakaba remembers Saionji from school…but Nanami probably wouldn’t know that, and Wakaba’s trying to be casual and professional. It’s very possible that that “special” is how she found out about Nanami’s restaurant at all.)

The setting of a restaurant (specifically a ramen shop) is stolen from the friend who introduced me to Utena, who had a scene in their own fanfiction where Nanami et al are running a ramen shop. Their story doesn’t match up with my world at all, but I really liked the idea anyway, so here we are.

This was actually another one of those cases where I’m a little disappointed in “my” characters. Of course Nanami doesn’t want to talk about her middle school trauma with an interviewer she barely remembers, but that does make the whole thing wrap up a little quicker than I’d like. Then again, maybe that’s a good thing: I hadn’t really worked out what that would look like, other than it being totally debilitating for Touga (Nanami’s brother).

This was the last planned part for “Memoirs of a Student”, but we’re not even halfway through March, so it’s possible I’ll come up with a new idea and subject you all to another one.

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