NaNoWriMo Limericks

New rule: all NaNoWriMo stories must come with an accompanying limerick. Let’s see…

2007: Adrift In The Wind

A college student’s been feeling low
Then gets sent to a land far ago
Where magic is real
And so are the feels
Hey, they say write what you know!

(this was a pretty bad piece and no, you can’t read it)

2008: Through the Computer (and What Alice Found There)

When a Debugger drops by for a visit
Our hero’s intrigued—but who isn’t?
She agrees to go with him
Trav’ling throughout the system
And finds CS knowledge exquisite.

I liked this one but it needs a good edit and diagrams before it could go anywhere.

2011: Acting Like Dragons

Bramdon, a prince, has it made
But one day, when his cavalcade
With Princess Rana’s wagon
Lands in front of a dragon
He is forced to consider a trade…

This was set in the same world as Patricia Wrede’s excellent Dealing With Dragons, a kids’ book I’ve previously described as

[being] all about stereotype-busting: the protagonist is a princess who runs away from an arranged marriage to become a “dragon’s princess”, despite that such a thing is “simply not done”. In retrospect I’d go as far as to call it feminist.

Unfortunately, I got completely stuck in the middle of this one (and was incredibly busy that year). I still really like the concept (Bramdon becomes a “dragon’s prince” in order to avoid a diplomatic incident), but have never been able to get back into it.

2012: Clone

Marley’s a bright, charming lad
With friends and a loving mom and dad
But he’s also a clone
And when that fact becomes known…
Hey, people, discrimination is bad.

Clone is still the NaNoWriMo story I’m most proud of. You can read this one if you want—by sending me one creative work of yours. (If you’ve been participating in NaCreSoMo this year, you already qualify!)

2016: Morning Glory

Fam’ly stay in a haunted hotel
Goes just about nearly as well
As that could ever go
Given all that we know—
That is, it all goes to hell.

Morning Glory! As you may have noticed this month, I’m excited about this mystery novel I wrote. Last week I took the beginning in to my writing group, and got some great feedback, but more importantly I got confirmation that people would actually be interested in reading this. I still have to make it through the first round of edits, and now I have feedback to put in as well…but that’s one step closer to really being able to write long-form novels, as well as to being ready to share this one more widely. Like I said, exciting!

Okay, that’s it for today. Three days left!

Part of NaCreSoMo 2017.