"Okay, You Two!" (Yotsuha ver.)

It’s the last day of NaCreSoMo, and so building on the song and picture that took me the first three-quarters of the month, here’s the final version of “Okay, You Two! (Yotsuha ver.)”:

Again, the music is just a quick variation on the original arrangement, inspired by the original Doki Doki Literature Club track doing the same thing in the game: when you focused in on a particular character in certain scenes, the music changed to highlight that. (As I mentioned before, the arrangement for the youngest character, Natsuki, is a lot like this one.)

The main cleanup in the art since Thursday (besides the shading) is the right part of her head. Rather than redraw the whole thing, I just made it a little wider and rounder. It still looks off if you do a side-by-side with the real Yotsuha, but on its own it now looks more like a real kid’s head. Or a manga-style kid’s head, anyway.

I also had a moment of panic on Friday when I realized that not only were the colors mildly off for the previous version of Yotsuha, the skin tone was off in such a way that looked like the pale yellow used for overtly Asian characters in certain American comics. It was just f.lux tinting everything redder, I promise! (And I made sure to turn it off today so I could get something closer.)

Oh, and since this song is just a variation of a previous one in the project, I didn’t bother redoing the logo gag for the “album art”. (But keep an eye out for when the “Ohayou Sayori!” one goes up!)

…and that’s it for NaCreSoMo this year! (Whew.) I’ll post a wrap-up post some time in the next week.

Part of NaCreSoMo 2018.