Review: Songbird Symphony

Songbird Symphony is a cute little game about a bird looking for his parents. It’s a sidescrolling puzzle-adventure where the “boss battles” are variants on a rhythm game requiring you to press keys in time with the music (think StepMania). The puzzles are all pretty simple and the rhythm game doesn’t stop you from continuing if you get a less-than-perfect score (I usually retried until I got A-rank but not S-rank), so the appeal is just that it’s cute and fun. But it is cute and fun, and not too long, and there’s a free demo if you want to check it out.

The main complaint I had with this game is that you collect more and more notes, but the way those notes are mapped to the keyboard doesn’t make any sense. The notes are just A-S-D and J-K-L on the keyboard home row, but they don’t go from lowest to highest, which very much threw me off. That’s related to the order you get the notes, which starts with S and K and then expands out from each side.

A⃣ S⃣ D⃣ J⃣ K⃣ L⃣
do (1) re (2) ti (7) do (8) mi (3) la (6)
#3 #1 #5 #6 #2 #4

I spent a good amount of time staring at this and thinking about how I could get it to go completely in order. This is the best I came up with:

A⃣ S⃣ D⃣ J⃣ K⃣ L⃣
la (-1) do (1) re (2) mi (3) so (5) do (8)
#4 #1 #5 #3 #2 #6

A little funky still, and loses the ti-to-do resolution, but it keeps la as #4 (which makes sense in-game). It does mean that when you only have 4 notes you have different fingers active on the left and right hands, though. Maybe this really is the best they could do.

Anyway, if you’re still reading, hopefully you got the picture: I enjoyed the game, and you might too, particularly if you like music and cute things.