My acoustic take on Akon’s “Beautiful”. It’s still got a few mistakes, but I’m proud of the part I added. *wink*

Along with “Don’t Cry”, this was one of the first songs I used to practice guitar, as a straight four-chord song. For no particular reason, I hadn’t ever gotten around to actually recording this, but today I came home in a mood to sing.

Apart from the usual laptop mic and poor lighting, for some reason my laptop camera felt like glitching out. This was still the best audio take, though.

If you’re on a slow internet connection, you might want to download the audio instead.

This, again, isn’t exactly a song I’d normally have a lot of respect for. Like many pop/hip-hop artists, Akon snatches defeat from the jaws of victory when it comes to respecting women (“cause you’re independent and you got my attention / can I be your baby father”). But that’s okay—pop songs don’t always have to be songs you respect! Mostly I picked it the first time around because (a) it was a four-chord song that sounded okay in my range, and (b) I like how Colby O’Donis sings his verse.1

Kardinal Offishall’s part, on the other hand, just wasn’t my style. My replaced verse doesn’t really fit with the song as is, but it was written for a certain type of person who just can’t fathom thinking of themselves as attractive. (And one such person in particular!)

So, basically “What Makes You Beautiful”.

When I see you
I run out of words to say
Cause I need you
You’re that type of girl to make me stay

See the guys trying to holler
Girl I don’t want to bother you
Cause you’re independent and you got my attention
Can I be your baby father
Girl I just want to show you
That I love what you are doing cause

I see you in the club
You’re getting down
And I want to get with you, ooh yeah
I see you in the club
You’re showing thugs love
I want to get with you

You’re so beautiful
So damn beautiful
You’re so beautiful
So damn beautiful

Like a cloud you
Drift me away, far away
And like the sun you
Brighten my day, you brighten my day

I never want to see you cry, cry, cry
And I never want to tell a lie, lie, lie
Girl I never want to see you cry, cry, cry
And I never want to tell a lie


Now this is the part where I try to put into words
Just how beautiful I really think you are
But I can’t do it and if this song is all you’ve heard
Then girl you should know that it’s so far
From reality
And when you talk with me, yeah, all I can see
Is your hands and your face so close to mine
And I’m standing there speechless cause you’re almost divine

You say you don’t believe me, say you don’t think you’re hot
Well girl that’s part of the beauty you got
Just look around in the neighborhood
Every boy on every corner, well they wish they could just
Talk with you, walk with you
Sing with you, dance with you, and
Hold your hand in the moonlight, baby


You’re so beautiful

  1. For my mashup “One Night Stand”, however, I really wanted to use Akon’s original second verse, which is why the video shows random shots instead of matching up with the music. I worked very hard to not include O’Donis in the video! ↩︎