Traced Family

For my Korean class I had to make a little “About Me” poster thing that included my job, where I live, my family…things like that. We’re also supposed to make the poster visually interesting somehow.

For some reason, what came to my mind was to sketch my family somehow—and to try a new form of sketching: traced black-and-white portraits. The software company Rogue Amoeba uses this kind of portrait for their Staff page, and I really like the effect. So…

Much improvements to be made in the future. I was really lazy about hair, and didn’t quite master the subtle face-shape lines (mine don’t feel subtle at all). And of course at some point I’d like to be able to do these freehand, rather than tracing over a photograph. But I’m still pretty satisfied with these—not bad for first try!

(I won’t deny that this is at least a bit motivated by being out of color ink. But I think the creative aspect is what made it stick.)