"My Rabbit Has Four Ears"

A cover…of a song written by a friend of mine, Hannah J. Coming out of a break-up, trying to become stable again…it’s a very personal song for her, written for her S.O., and so I’m only borrowing it today.

If you’re on a slow internet connection, you might want to download the audio instead.

When I got my own guitar last year, I was fairly rusty, having not really played since I got back from Cambodia. (I’d been borrowing my host brother’s guitar while I was there.) This song is one of the ones I used to get back into shape—I’ve been meaning to record a cover for a while now.

Oh, you’re wondering about the title, huh? Here’s what Hannah said about it when she first posted the song:

I guess you could title it yourself—or I could title it something really random, like…like Panic! at the Disco—you know how they title… I don’t know, to me it seems like their titles are totally irrelevant to their songs. So I can just title this song…“My Rabbit Has Four Ears and No Teeth.”

…but…I think what makes a rabbit a rabbit is its teeth, so that actually won’t be a rabbit; it’ll be like a cat with really long ears.

Hence, “My Rabbit Has Four Ears”.

And in happier news, Hannah and her boyfriend are together again! And have been for quite a while now, actually. So that worked out.

I, uh, apologize for the accent.