"Everything's Alright"

Everything’s Alright” is the theme song for a bittersweet story game called To the Moon. Even before I could play the game, the song found its way into my heart with Laura Shigihara’s touching vocals.

If you’re on a slow internet connection, you might want to download the audio instead.

I’m not quite proud of this recording, but every time I’ve tried to play this one I get a bit sloppy with the guitar and end up with twangy or muted strings. The chords are a bit more complex than my usual fare, but mostly it was just the attempts to be clever with rhythm or arpeggios. But it’s better to post something imperfect than nothing at all, and I very much wanted to do a cover of this song.

Really, you should listen to the original. And (bonus!) there’s a remix by Dale North which somehow still respects the original while being uptempo.