"Just the Same"

Dedicated to my Cambodian host sister and her husband, newly married two weeks ago!

If you’re on a slow internet connection, you might want to download the audio instead.

This song is by Barnaby Bright, a husband-and-wife singer/songwriter duo who generally sing beautiful songs about extremely dark topics. “Just the Same” will be on their next album, which is due to come out…any week now…but they’ve played it live already so I don’t feel bad covering it.

I’m less than happy with the recording quality here. This one’s recorded on my iPhone, which ought to be able to handle music/voice but maybe can’t do it so well when recording a video, or maybe when I’m sitting so far away. Unfortunately my other devices are no better suited to this:

  • My personal laptop has a pretty good internal mic (used to do things like “Love Like You” and some of the older videos here), but the webcam no longer works.

  • My work laptop has an adequate working webcam but a lousy mic (some of the recent videos here).

  • My Canon DSLR is a very nice camera but doesn’t really handle sound (and is a pain to set up for recording in my own room).

I’ve been thinking of buying a proper mic, but maybe a physical webcam would be better—for these videos anyway. (I’ve also thought about just not doing videos for these, but I think it loses something.)

Part of NaCreSoMo 2016.