Off by 1 errors and the face palm of justice

When you find out your program wouldn’t compile
Because you said “if” when you really meant “while”.
When you open and truncate your preferences file.
Have you heard of the Facepalm of Just-

When you get random numbers without seeding rand().
When you get accidentally your IP address banned.
When you come back to find your computer was Danned.
Then you call in the Facepalm of Just-

When you post another dumb Internet meme.
When you one-hit-KO the best guy on your team.
When you redefine car while working in Scheme.
Then it’s time for the Facepalm of Just-

When a guy calls the Internet a series of tubes.
When a home blooper video gets a million views.
When an anonymous user says “show me your ***ANON101 has been kicked***
Time to bring in the Facepalm of Just-

When you overwrite i when you meant to write j.
When you forget to initialize your entire array.
Àô‚Äû é…ê‚Äû uƒ± spu«ù os◊ü…ê «ùuƒ±◊ü sƒ±…• á
Then, dude…it’s a Facepalm of Just-

Picard facepalm

Part of NaNoWriMo Penance. Title donated by Steven K.

Inspired by the UC Berkeley CSUA.