That One Time

Do you remember that one time I came down to meet you
The week everything went awry?
Do you remember the tea and how I tried to help
While you sat on the couch and cried
No? Well neither do I

I’ve watched your lovers come and go
Some of them were good people
And I felt regret that things couldn’t go your way
You’ve seen me drift and fly and flow
But never managed to leave, no
And you’ve told me you wished I could grow as a person some day

Do you remember that one time I called you at night
Saying I miss California
That I’m sorry I didn’t reveal all this sooner
And that I’ll bring back something for ya
No? Well neither do

I can’t go on waiting for myself to stand up tall
Just make it clear for you to hear that you don’t know it all
So maybe come tomorrow I can tell you how I feel
No more holding back, I want this hole in my heart to heal

Do you remember that one time I finally said it
And that look of relief on my face
Do you remember how you stretched your arms out
And folded me in embrace
Well of course you don’t remember that one time
And of course, well, neither do I
If only I’d done it our lives would be different
If only I’d done anything but somehow I didn’t
If only I’d decided to say goodbye.

I think I wrote a country song. No video this time, but you can listen to it!

Part of Poem-a-Day 2015. Title donated by Patricia N.