A Cappella Weekend

So, this weekend was great. Because it was full of A CAPPELLA! *grin*

Last Saturday was the (second concert of the) West Coast A Cappella Showcase, including groups from Berkeley and across the West Coast. A few readers (Ancora 2005?) might remember that this was the same event I (we) went to two years ago after Ancora’s debut at CHS. This year many of the same groups were back, and quite amazing. Personal favorites: Artists in Resonance and DeCadence from Berkeley, Divisi (haven’t seen them since the last show) and On the Rocks from University of Oregon, and of course the Golden Overtones and the Men’s Octet.

Apart from the awesome choreography, tight harmonies, and all-around amazing performances, it’s also cool that I know a few people in Cal Jazz Choir, the Overtones, and the Octet.

THEN the following night was the UCCE (UC Choral Ensembles) Halloween show! All-Cal this time, and Men’s Chorale was one of the top performances (…said my obviously-biased and possibly flattering floormate) with “When I’m Sixty-Four” and a slightly-modified “Don’t Stop Your Breathing”. The setting? Stanford Medical Facility. *grin* The other groups were pretty awesome too…for people with Facebook access I have a few low-quality pictures taken from the back of the audience.

It’s really great to be singing and at a college where a cappella is so prevalent. I can only hope that I’ll get into one of the small groups next semester (or at worst next year…) For now, go Men’s Chorale! Two double shows in two weekends, and we owned!

Stay tuned for our Christmas holiday concert in early December! And in the meantime…maybe I’ll see some fellow students at the other upcoming concerts? Noteworthy’s showcase is just around the corner…