You Know You're a Bass When...

  • …you sing no more than four English words in most of your songs.
  • …you can sing your line without any printed lyrics at all. (“Bass language”)
  • …you know who Barry Carl is.
  • …your note is “Do” for at least half the song. If it isn’t, there’s probably a key change in the next few measures.
  • …your voice resonates in sinks or stairwells. Seriously.
  • …unbuttoning your collar doubles your volume.
  • …you can put out a flame with your voice! (re: Mythbusters)
  • …your part in a playbill is “A Voice Not Unlike God”. (Yeah Patrick!)
  • …you’re asked to show F on the bass clef, and you answer this: F1
  • …you’re asked to show C on the treble clef, and you answer this: C2
    (or alternately, you ask what the treble clef is).
  • …the song just doesn’t sound right without you.

Thank you, thank you. Not all of these may apply to all basses.

Halloween show this Sunday! UC Men’s Chorale joins eight other groups to put on one heck of a performance. 155 Dwinelle, $5 student, $8 other, 6:00 and 8:00.