Friggin' Awesome Movie Titles

So, the other day I came across this episode of Dinosaur Comics, and although the comic is just OK, the title text (mouseover) has a great idea. To instantly make any movie title that much more awesome, just add “Friggin’”!

Lord of the Friggin’ Rings, Across the Friggin’ Universe, The Right Friggin’ Stuff, 2001: A Friggin’ Space Odyssey

It works on books, too!

A Wizard of Friggin’ Earthsea, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Friggin’ Secrets, Speaker for the Friggin’ Dead, Crime and Friggin’ Punishment

And other things…

A Link to the Friggin’ Past, Computer Friggin’ Science, UC Friggin’ Berkeley!

Oooookay, that’s enough. (I don’t even use “Friggin’” in my regular speech but that’s what was in the comic.) But seriously, it’s fun until you realize how stupid it is. Until that point, try some for yourself! Leave them in the comments if you think they’re particularly good.

(Just a bit of levity that’s helped me keep going. For any other linguists out there, is this adding a friggin’ adjectival phrase, or compound word infix-friggin’-ation? *grin* Maybe…both!)