Moving Out

I’m in the middle of packing, just back from a lunch break, and it’s depressing. On the surface level, it’s just seeing empty drawers, bare walls…systematically removing traces of me from the room. But even more, it’s the end of my first year of Berkeley, and the end of living in Spens-Black Penthouse.

I was sitting outside on the grass eating, and realized it was my last lunch here, my last GBC food (hopefully) for months. I wasn’t going to be here in Berkeley for months. I ought to be focusing on that, I thought, and looked around, and the first feeling that popped into my head was that it was going to seem weird staying away from “home” for the next three months.

What the heck. This is home now?

I guess partly it’s the routine, the structure I set for myself, that makes this home—the term for me is defined as much by such routines (and the people) as the static environment. But it feels like summer is going to be a vacation from Berkeley, then I return.

I’m sure this feeling will change over summer. I have a pretty awesome summer planned.

Even when we come back, though, everything’s gonna be different because I won’t be living here in Spens-Black. Many of my friends aren’t even staying in the dorms. Life’s going to be very different.

Even as I say this, people are in the process of leaving, and some have already left. So here’s a list of short phrases that refer to some of my experiences here in Spens-Black…if you didn’t live here, you probably won’t get most of them. Everyone in my other groups I may end up seeing again, but people here I’m going to have to try to meet up with…

  • Dinner parties in the hall
  • Birthday posters (waking up Aaron)
  • Pool during Welcome Week
  • “I see what you did there.”
  • Awkward Josh (…and Katie?)
  • Team Fortress 2 (sniping a cloaked spy)
  • Spoons (or Pens, or Sporks)
  • Sammy
  • Tofig
  • Night of Entropy (7th Floor)
  • Mutuabola
  • Joey’s chair
  • Brawl (and classic)
  • Microsoft Excel 2008 (graphs)
  • The Red-Black trick
  • Superglue
  • Zach’s trumpet
  • Cha’s ramen
  • Daniel’s sleeping habits
  • Katie’s concerts
  • Random facts on Sara’s wall
  • Mah-jong
  • Scrabble
  • Upwords…?
  • “It’s Quiet Hours!”

I should have gone down to the 7th floor more; I could have done more with the 8th floor. But I’m very glad I got the experiences I did have. Thank you everyone, and to all a good summer!