"Usan no Kaori" (Chiptune WIP)

I started yet another chiptune song from「うみねこのく頃に」. I say “started” because I’m calling this one WIP as well.

(EDIT: I turned this one into a full-length cover.)

This one’s called「胡散の香り」, which is translated as “Fishy Aroma” (as in “something smells fishy…”). (The normal form of this term is 胡散臭い, which has nothing to do with “fish” but includes the word “smelly”.) Like “Core”, this has some interesting instruments that help set the mood, but its melodic lines are very distinctive, without too many background parts. It’s also one of my top tracks from the novel.

(“Tracks from a novel”?)

I think I’m closer on this one than I was with “Core”, but I’m also starting to think / realize a proper chiptune cover really needs a different arrangement—i.e. rather than try to play all the original parts with chiptune instruments, I should just be borrowing the melody and making up my own background. Which isn’t really a surprise, but I guess I had to go learn it for myself. The other thing that’s missing (or maybe the same thing) is a steady background to keep there from being “dead space” in the mix; this is something that past NaCreSoMo participant Bea is quite good at:

Still, I might come back to this「胡散の香り」at some point.

Oh, and I made album art box art! I pretty much just took the title screen image and ran it through Acorn’s Pixellate and Color Posterize filters, then slapped the main logo on top and Pixellated that. Certainly it’s a bit sloppy, but it’s all in good fun.

(See, look, that red「」I’ve been putting in all the links wasn’t just an affectation! Well, it was, but it was at least based on something!)

Part of NaCreSoMo 2016.