"Fiend and Demon"

Today’s post for NaCreSoMo is a literal back-of-an-envelope sketch (from reference) of the fiend from Juniper’s Knot and Jodariel from Pyre.

Juniper’s Knot is a medium-short visual novel about this fiend and her long imprisonment in a burned-out manor. It’s actually a very nice and heartwarming story, if bitter at times. It also has a nice little soundtrack for such an indie game.

Pyre is a game about exiles who have to band together in order to earn passage back home, by the same people who made Bastion and Transistor. The actual gameplay is mostly centered around a kind of “combat soccer” that feels a bit inspired by MOBA games like DotA and League of Legends. The story aspect is just okay, but the music and art and sound design is all very strong (as you’d expect if you played either of the previous two games). I just finished it last weekend, so I might write a full review soon.

The two characters have nothing to do with each other, and if you put them in the same room I don’t think they’d even have much to say to each other. They just both have horns.

Part of NaCreSoMo 2018.