"Come Back Home"

It’s about time for another 2NE1 cover! This is their new song “Come Back Home”. Welcome back, 2NE1!

If you’re on a slow internet connection, you might want to download the audio instead.

Honestly, this is a pretty poor cover video (by my own standards)…my voice isn’t really in shape, the guitar doesn’t do the song justice this time, and the rap is pretty lousy. On the other hand, it’s a fun song to sing, I did the whole thing in a few hours, and I rap, period! NaCreSoMo 화이팅!

Lyrics (written by me, based on the translation at Kpop God):

One two three
You’re gone and you’ve left me here
But I swear I hear you breathing next to me

Once more it’s four five six
And I feel my face wet with tears
Cause I miss the feeling of having your arms around me

Cause you said that it was you and I
But turning away I knew that was a lie
So why? Oh why? You’re gone away.

Come back home
Can you come back home
Would you come back to my side
Don’t you leave me out in the cold

Come back home
Can you come back home
I’m still holding back my tears
I’m still waiting for you in this cold world alone
Now you gotta do what you gotta do

Come back home
Come back home

Yeah 나는 로즈 you ain’t ever keep me down
I’mma 한국말로 rapping so just listen to the sound
I got my 친구, 朋友, なかま so 여러분이 봐
2NE1이 아라, “네가 제일 잘 나가

But since you’ve gone away 나 아무도 몰라요
사랑하고 약속 있다 생각 했지요
그런데 I’ll be coming back; I hate being alone
왜 아직 안 돌라와 lover come back home.

I call and ring ring ring
And I hate that you won’t pick up the phone
And I wonder if you’ll if you sometimes think of me yeah

The hours tick tick tock
And I’m scared of what lies ahead
Cause in my troubled mind you’re all I see.

So many days to come for you and me
They’ll be waiting for all of eternity
Oh where are they? Where are you today? Too far away.


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