"Remember Me" (plus sketches)

Today’s post for NaCreSoMo is a shortened acoustic cover of “Remember Me” by Nautilus T Party, from the Undertale arrangement album FALLEN. I had a bit of extra fun with the ending, though all of the clever bits there are in the original song too. (The lyrics are not particularly spoilery; they’re just references.)

(audio only)

FALLEN is an amazing album of almost a hundred Undertale remixes, orchestrations, and arrangements, an incredibly high percentage of which are worth listening to. I’ve been using it as background music at work recently, and “Remember Me” is one of the standout tracks. Highly recommended if you like Undertale music. (Undertale itself is also highly recommended as a short adventure game. I previously described it as “funny, campy, and quirky, pays tribute to classic RPG/adventure games, has amazing music (including but not limited to chiptune), and ultimately draws you in with its story and characters”)

I’ve seen it all before
There are no surprises anymore
You and I were friends
In life and death, together till the end

My soul, there’s nothing left to me
It’s plain for all to see
This heartache is the death of me
Erase, it’s gone without a trace
Reset it all again
Been stuck down here for centuries

Time will tell what man I’ll be
I am my own worst enemy
Hopes and dreams can set you free
I hope you will remember me
On and on this too will go
I love you more than you can know
I’ll always be your friend until the end
Till the end

Come on and take my soul
Don’t wanna let you go
Nothing can kill me
Nothing can save me
Don’t wanna let you go

Yesterday’s post was supposed to be part 10 of “Determination”, but I didn’t finish putting it up in time, and then today I realized I don’t know how part 11 is going to go. So I’m invoking the rule I had early on and declaring that I won’t post part 10 until there’s at least a draft of part 11. In lieu of that, here’s a page of sketches I did today on the train.1

Most of these are, um, based on Revolutionary Girl Utena characters, or at least Utena-style costumes, and I did a terrible job on all of them. My favorite would be the Utena-like girl at the top left. The two at the very bottom are from Morning Glory, or at least have hair like characters from Morning Glory.

We’re into the last week of NaCreSoMo! It’s been a busy month.

Part of NaCreSoMo 2017.

  1. …except the one in black, which was already on the page. ↩︎