The Broken Door

Enter not the broken door
Lest life and limb you care to risk
A danger worse than basilisk
Claiming all who’ve gone before

Such was wisdom known to all
Had earned a place in city lore
Enter not the broken door
Down in the old abandoned hall

Laid down on the city’s grid
One pixel blackened in the core
Enter not the broken door
For strange things tainted those who did

Though anathema to rich and poor
Humans have been and yet may be
Defined by curiosity
But none yet to defeat the door

There’s something missing, something more
For nat’rally we do not abstain
From danger, darkness, depths, or rain
And surely not from a simple door

Yet somehow no one ever knew
A soul had e’er passed through the door
It haunted us down to the core
And no one doubted it was true

What lay beyond? we wondered long
Society sub rosa or
A creature’s lair behind the door
But e’en if every guess were wrong…

For now with such great mystery
Would just benign be more a horror
Then any monster behind the door
What would our disappointment be

To dare to peek behind the door
Bare stone surfaces, dried and dusty
Wooden window, old and musty
An empty room and nothing more?

This one’s reminding me of several older ones: “The old cellar door”, “Living in a Dreamworld”, and possibly “The Prophet”, all from previous Poem-a-Day challenges.

Bonus haiku:

A way to see if you know
What you’re doing here

Part of Poem-a-Day 2014. Title donated by Kuba B.