Broccoli Fighting!

Finally watched Lincoln today and didn’t get home until 11:00. Fortunately I had a simple idea that I was saving for a busy day like this.

In case you haven’t heard, I’m taking an introductory Korean class, which meets once a week. It’s interesting taking classes again, but good to be learning a language again, and I’m also meeting a couple other SF residents. We’re an, um, interesting group, and sometimes a handful for our teacher, but at least we’re all very interested in actually learning this language.

Anyway, one woman in particular, who was my first friend in the class, is fun to be around because she kind of just blurts things out and generally keeps good cheer. She’ll be complaining and commiserating with everyone one minute, then she (or now someone else) will cry “파이팅!” (“paiting”), a Korean loanword (from “fighting”) that means “come on!” or “let’s go!”. (The Japanese equivalent is 「がんばって」 and the Chinese 「加油」.) More recently, many students have been enjoying the many other loanwords we’re picking up; this same woman has picked “브로콜리” (“beulokolli”) as the thing to shout when a particular English word is “the same” in Korean.

Ergo, this:

Beulokolli paiting!

…which I’m going to give to her tomorrow.

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