Obscure Alternatives To Duologues

A quick illustration of some of the lesser-known forms of performance…inspired by a chain of jokes at Theatre Rice’s submission meeting yesterday.

Tetralogue, weblogue, zerologue ("Silence is Golden" / "Applause plox"), naturalogue ("eeeeeee...")

Although this is a joke piece, which I sketched out very quickly, I’ll take a moment to mention some of the challenges here, namely DRAWING IS HARD, PEOPLE ARE HARD, and FACES ARE HARD. My brother is the natural artist in my family (though even he thinks faces are hard), so I’ve generally just dabbled in it now and then, as if he “got” more visual art skills and I “got” more math/programming skills. That said, I’ve mildly been interested in getting faces, body parts, and whole bodies right (you know, in the six times a year I draw things). None of those were very well done here, nor did I try, but it’s something I probably could push forward on if I put time and effort into it. I’ve also wondered if caricature would be better for me, but I haven’t found an opportunity that felt right for that.

Of course, I realize that one of the reasons my brother’s so good at visual art is also one of the reasons I’m so good at programming: we’ve put hundreds if not thousands of hours into our respective crafts. (Again, a topic that will come up again in a future blog post.)

The best human subject I’ve ever drawn was actually a potential flyer for a Theatre Rice show (not chosen as the final design):

This was my attempt to apply my brother’s style of drawing: outlines, then layers of shading and then detail. And it actually worked. Never has staring at my own left hand produced such amazing results.

Part of NaCreSoMo.