NaCreSoMo Afterword

Another month, another “thing-a-day” challenge. I did manage to post something every day, though of varying quality. This year’s NaCreSoMo definitely felt different from last year’s—I have an impression of separate “tracks”.

The CS Mini-Tutorial





Social Commentary


Of course, there’s plenty of overlap here: “That It Be All Right” is a kind of poetry, “Paint” is a poem and “Paint 2” has a vignette, and so on.

This year I think I fell into the same “product” trap that some others got stuck on last year: I had several things I “wanted” to make, and spent a lot of time trying to get them “good enough” before posting them. (Whether or not I actually succeeded at that is a separate question.) Next year—assuming I’m back next year—I have to remember to just let the pieces stand on their own.

I started off March feeling guilty every time I had to post something “small” because I had other things going on that day, but by the end of the month I really appreciated some of them. I’m happy with all the music I did.1 I’m happy with all the programming I got to play with, both in the tutorial and in other posts. I’m happy with my tribute to TPP in art form, even knowing I can’t draw. Apparently my bad jokes went mildly viral. And I should get more sleep.

Thanks, everyone. See you in 2015.

(or just later on the blog, on my regular infrequent posting schedule)

  1. …though “Dark” hasn’t gone anywhere since the first day. Eventually, maybe. ↩︎