NaCreSoMo Postmortem

Whew…it’s been quite a month! Thanks to Lily (Minute after Midnight) I’ve spent the last 31 days posting various creations for NaCreSoMo. Different people had different goals for this event; mine was to try many different forms of media, rather than sticking to my usual short poetry. Did it work?

NaCreSoMo Tribute

Today is the last day of NaCreSoMo. As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been spending all weekend working on my final Creation. I’ve been planning this for a while…pretty much since (a) I realized that the last two days of NaCreSoMo were a weekend, and (b) Max (Maxuel) posted the perfect soundtrack. Here it is: my tribute to the multitalented participants of NaCreSoMo 2013.

NaCreSoMo Status Update

Tomorrow’s NaCreSoMo post is gonna be awesome.

(I spent all today working on it.)

I will leave you instead with this riddle poem:

I live overhead
Wait for what’s inside my head
To show others what’s ahead

And though I cannot move
When bright ideas come to you
I will often be there too.

What is it?